I don’t know why, but the people around me seem to love the window seat. While I like the aisle seat and really no one likes the middle seat. The point is, why is the window so appealing? You’re stuck all the way in. Even the middle seat is better that you only need to jump over one person instead of both.

The benefit of the window is that you get to see what’s outside. But really, most of the time you can expect blue and cloud. Not like something magical will be happening 35,000 feet up in the air. I can probably guaranteed that 99.9% of the time. And you know what? The flight attendant gets to tell you what to do. You have to open or close it sometimes. I don’t need one more person to tell me what to do. You feel?

You get your food last. And only if the flight attendant can hear you. You know, since you’re so far away. Actually, that might be a good thing since who likes airline food anyways?

I hope you enjoy holding your bladder while I go every 10 minutes. Only cause I can and not because I need to. I only went one time on my trip to Japan, Tokyo.

Here are the pictures. Enjoy.

Typhoon, but people still gotta work.
No need for a fan, the weather was perfect.
The famous book store. They have everything and is one of the coolest ever.
The people. The streets. The buildings.

Spontaneously writing.

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