Follow me in Hong Kong — Cheung Chau

End of the Mini Great Wall (wild dogs exist, be aware)

Day trip to Cheung Chau: My background includes knowing it is a Hong Kong island, similar to Lamma Island, and it looks like during sunset. So not much.

The boredom of sitting on a slow boat

Three things I learned on this trip — One, do not start the day late, especially if you are going to take the slow boat and not the speed boat. The sun won’t stay up for you and your lazy ass.

Two, do not take the slow boat. Some people pay to take the Hong Kong ferry from TST to Hong Kong Island, and I think, “Sure, why not. Try out the boat, you don’t get this in the states.” But, really anything over 20 minutes, just sucks.

Three, eat all the damn mochi you see. We first stopped at a shop to get “hand” size mango mochi, but too bad, so sad, sold out. But serendipity strikes and doesn’t fail. We walked pass a mochi stand and the only thing left looks like it was durian. Tried it. Loved it.

Always use the hand towards the camera — for dramatic effects

What can you find in Cheung Chau? Food, bikes, and tourist. First food stop, my all-time favorite desert, mango sticky. But with a twist — not sticky rice, but crispy rice. Nice texture and sweet as usual. Large fish balls also exist. Meh. I like the smaller ones just cause the balls get more sauce surface area. But the fish balls here have Sishuan flavor — amazing.

Mango crispy rice
Work hard, dream big
Candid moments

That’s a wrap.

Spontaneously writing.

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