A 3-day weekend was coming up at the end of September. Prices are always high during the holidays because everyone in Hong Kong will travel. The 4 of us were spitting out destinations that were cheap (or reasonable) and had motorbikes. Seems easy enough but the options were Taiwan or Thailand. We went with Thailand — flying into Bangkok and riding a car for 3 hours to a nearby city called Kanchanaburi.


Follow me on a 3 day trip through Kanchanaburi and Bangkok, composed of motorbiking through nature, hiking for waterfalls, and eating thai spicy food. P.S. …

I don’t know why, but the people around me seem to love the window seat. While I like the aisle seat and really no one likes the middle seat. The point is, why is the window so appealing? You’re stuck all the way in. Even the middle seat is better that you only need to jump over one person instead of both.

The benefit of the window is that you get to see what’s outside. But really, most of the time you can expect blue and cloud. Not like something magical will be happening 35,000 feet up in the air…

End of the Mini Great Wall (wild dogs exist, be aware)

Day trip to Cheung Chau: My background includes knowing it is a Hong Kong island, similar to Lamma Island, and it looks like during sunset. So not much.

Tracy Lui

Spontaneously writing.

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